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A Campaign to Connect Canada - #BSCride

Canada was born out of the need to connect. Confederation brought together our vast and sparsely inhabited country with the promise of connectivity. The Trans Canada Railway, completed in 1885, represented a significant infrastructure investment and became the first platform to connect our nation. Now over 125 years later, our rail and transit systems are in need of repair, and a new platform for connectivity is emerging as an imperative link for economic prosperity: bandwidth.

Inspired by “The Great Canadian Challenge” we are taking the train across Canada to advocate for investment in the physical and digital infrastructure that connects Canadians and strengthens our emerging digital economy.

We believe that strong municipalities are connected with sustainable transportation and reliable broadband. We want physical and digital connectivity to build a strong Canada.

The Campaign starts in Halifax May 21st with stops in 9 cities and ends in Vancouver at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Annual Conference May 29th. Follow and share our story.


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Kadie Ward

Founder, Build Strong Cities
Kadie is an award-winning multi-media producer and economic developer. She works to build local economies by shaping policy and sharing their story around the world. She is proud Canadian who works across North America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean and is inspired to build a stronger Canada.

Josh Wright

Founder, Marmot Labs Inc.
Josh is a Waterloo-based entrepreneur who is passionate about the emerging digital economy. As a co-founder of Marmot Labs, he and his partner have created Decision.io, an online platform that will change the way collective decisions are made in businesses and foundations.

Manoj Kelath

Videographer, Masters of Digital Experience Innovation, The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus

Jean-François Tremblay

Photographer, Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts, The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus



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